Zizipho Poswa

South Africa

Magodi, 2020

Image courtesy Southern Guild, South Africa, & the artist
Poswa hails from a design background, having established a pottery studio which initially produced functional objects. More recently she has expanded into expressive works that are unique and would be considered ‘art’. Throughout her practice she appears to have been interested in relaying aspects of Xhosa culture from patterns to rituals she grew up with or that defined the lives of her ancestors. This work is part of a series mirroring hairstyles and the shape of the head.

“I’m an artist, a businesswoman, a breadwinner, I am a mother, a daughter, a sister and a survivor. My inspiration comes from my culture, and from the path I walked as a woman. I am the woman I am because of my heritage. I stand in tribute to the other women who have shared the load. So working with clay is like a dance, it will follow if you lead it. But once it goes in the kiln, anything can happen. It’s like a grown up child: you have to let go. I celebrate my heritage, and I forge my own way: my work is an act of intention, and this is what must be known about African women,” says Poswa. (Wallpaper, May, 2021)